Dietary Questions

  • What does “Ripen” mean? Does it mean that the fish are cooked and ready-to-eat?
    Ripen is a continuous process of protein fermentation, where natural enzymes help break down the muscle fibers and enhance texture and flavor. Partake have exclusively invented “Ripen Seafoods Technique”, combining the advantages of both dry-aging and wet-aging.
    We innovated these techniques and mastered the production. By applying this technique onto fish steaks, we have renovated fish texture and flavor; enhancing the richness and distinctive aromas. The texture becomes more tender, and flavor becomes rich in layers.
    Warning: The fish steaks are still raw! It cannot be consumed directly, and must be cooked!

  • What’s the difference between Ripening and Marinating?
    Our ripen technique combines the advantage of both dry-aging and wet-aging. During the process of ripening, the muscle fiber is broken down, enhancing the seafood essence, texture, and flavor. Ripen concentrates the essence, improves the food material, increases the flavors, intensifies the aroma and richness. It allows salmon to be more tender and juicy, Greenland halibut to be more firm. It saturates the natural flavors, elevates the texture, creating a unique sensation.
    Marinade contains high amount of salt to prolong the validation time period, thus, contains lots of sodium. Excessive diet of sodium would affect blood pressure and would burdensome to the heart and kidney.
    For instance: FDA recommends that the daily diet of sodium should not exceed 2,400 milligrams, the equivalent of 6 grams salt. One piece of fish with Rice Wine sauce is 150 grams, and it contains less than 75 milligrams of sodium. One piece of fish with Shio Koji sauce is 150 grams, and it contains approximately 400 milligrams of sodium. (Net weight of fish is 300 grams per box)

  • What is Shio Koji sauce?
    Shio Koji sauce is a pure natural condiment, made from fermented rice yeast, salt, and water. It offers unique bold and smooth flavors. Shio Koji sauce is rich in enzymes that softens the meat, enhances the essence. It is naturally rich in taste without adding sugar. Shio Koji sauce is a tasty, healthy, and natural food product.

  • How do you process Ripen?
    The process of ripening seafood is combining the fundamentals of the dry-aging and wet-aging. The whole production proceeds under carefully controlled environment in humidity and temperature. It takes 48 hours to process.

  • Where does the fish come from?
    Partake carefully selects the Greenland Halibut from deep Greenlandic seas, and south Chilean farmed salmon. Both species of fish are very sensitive to environment, and lives in cold clean waters in high latitudes. The origin environments are pristine and unpolluted.

  • Why is there blood stains inside of the package?
    The spine of Halibut and Salmon contains blood vessel that may have some residue of blood. Some blood may seep out while thawing. This is perfectly natural and would not affect the taste and quality, please rest assured.

  • ‧ What should I do when a fishbone is stuck in my throat?
    When the fishbone gets stuck in the throat, it is normally stuck near the tonsil, because it is the first part of the throat where the food passes. During such an occasion, we suggest you to cough gently to see if the movement of your throat may dislodge the bone. If that does not work, do not try to swallow the fish bone. Please seek medical attention as soon as possible to have the fishbone removed.